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/mp3/1321/PlaySting - Fortress Around Your Heart4:37
/mp3/2402/PlaySting - Fields Of Gold3:39
/mp3/4475/PlaySting - All This Time4:56
/mp3/6987/PlaySting - Saint Agnes And The Burning Train2:43
/mp3/7520/PlaySting - Russians3:57
/mp3/8410/PlaySting - Why Should I Cry For You_4:49
/mp3/10849/PlaySting - How Insensitive - Sting & Antonio Carlos Jobim3:47
/mp3/15984/PlaySting - Sister Moon3:45
/mp3/17171/PlaySting - Mad About You3:55
/mp3/17543/PlaySting - Englishman In New York4:27
/mp3/25309/PlaySting - Shape of my heart4:37
/mp3/26011/PlayBryan Adams, Sting & Rod Steward - All For Love4:37
/mp3/27205/PlaySting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You4:25
/mp3/28234/PlaySting - Desert Rose4:46
/mp3/35559/PlaySting - They Dance Alone7:04
/mp3/36107/PlaySting - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free4:13
/mp3/38392/PlaySting - When we dance5:55
/mp3/39090/PlaySting - Deep In The Meadow (Lullaby)3:22
/mp3/45208/PlaySting - Love Is The Seventh Wave3:29
/mp3/48166/PlaySting - Be Still My Beating Heart5:32
/mp3/48179/PlaySting - The Soul Cages5:53
/mp3/48984/PlaySting - Fragile3:53
/mp3/51263/PlaySting - Moon Over Bourbon Street4:00
/mp3/54356/PlaySting - Desert Rose (Radio Edit)3:54
/mp3/69162/PlayByron Stingily - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Serious Danger Magic Steppa Mix)6:36